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Fixed Based Operations

The complete package. And then some.

Paris Air likes to spoil visitors. We go out of our way to make their experience pleasant and carefree. Friendly, helpful service and always-clean facilities make us the preferred FBO service choice of both pilots and passengers. And we offer the best fuel prices at KVRB.

We accept several fuel contracts; please inquire when you make your service requests.

  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Concierge Services
  • Conference Room
  • Ice/GPU
  • Flight Planning/Weather

Customer Services

  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Concierge Services
  • Hotel Reservations - special rates available
  • Rental Car Reservations - special rates available
  • Catering
  • Escorted ramp access
  • Bahamas and International travel assistance and documentation
  • U.S. Customs Bonded

Call us for any special needs you or your passenger may have.


  • Flight Planning/Weather
  • DUATS access
  • Weather Satellite System
  • Complimentary Internet Services (WIFI)
  • Conference Room
  • Pilot Lounges
  • Crew shower facilities
  • Audiovisual Equipment

Additional Services

  • Charter Reservation Center
  • Full Service Pilot Shop
  • Aircraft Parts Department
  • Onsite Aircraft Maintenance Department.
  • FAA Approved Part 145 Repair Station


  • Trip Advisor


  • Vero Beach Restaurants

What Others Have to Say

Read what actual students and clients are saying about our Fixed Based Operations.

The staff is very friendly and helpful.


Fixed Base Operations

Paris Air is very efficient at what they do. Everything was ready at my arrival. Great service.


Fixed Base Operations

Customer service is great. The person who got my call made a reservation for my hotel and car at a discount rate. They had all my reservations ready for me. It was a breeze!

G. Brown

Fixed Base Operations

I was planning to be in Vero Beach for a few days and chose Paris Air based only on fuel prices. It was a VERY wise choice. I called 4 hours in advance asking about fuel, tie-down, rental cars, etc., and I was informed that my selected hotel provided a shuttle service so a rental car wouldn't be necessary if I only was going to the hotel. Upon arrival, Line Service met me at the taxiway with the "Follow Me" cart and directed me to a convenient parking position. Alvin helped me with my bags, etc., and then drove me to the front office. I was pleased to learn that Jennifer had taken it upon herself to call my hotel to confirm my arrival and she even negotiated a cheaper rate for me! There is only a 20 cent per gallon difference between self-serve and full-serve fuel, so I saved the engine start and short taxi to the fuel farm by letting them fuel my BD-4. All in all, a very pleasant experience. I'll be back and I'll recommend Paris Air to anyone who asks.


Fixed Base Operations

Flying in from the Northeast, I was delayed 4+ hours for snow removal at my airport. That put me into VRB at 8 pm instead of 4:30 pm. When I arrived, my rental car was on the ramp with Alvin and Jennifer both waiting for me, and I don't fly big iron, but a fuel-stingy Mooney. It doesn't come better than this. I've used Paris Air for a few years now and I'm always impressed by their extra effort. Try them - you won't be disappointed!


Fixed Base Operations

Great vibes, service, and probably the friendliest CSR that I've yet to meet. I flew in, in a 152 for a few hours, was treated very well and had no complaints.


Fixed Base Operations

Fixed-Based Operations FAQ's

What are your hours?
Please refer to our Support page.
Where are you located?
At the Vero Beach Municipal Airport (KVRB) – Southwest corner of the intersecting runways. The best entrance to our ramp is by Taxiway C4.
What is the price of your fuel?
We can provide you with the best prices for AvGas at Vero Beach. We also have self-service AvGas at the runup area for Runway 11R. Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover accepted.
Do you have a courtesy car?
Our courtesy transportation can take you to/from your nearby destination whether it is for shopping or just for lunch. For meetings, maybe you would like to consider using our conference room.
Can you make reservations for a car and hotel?
We have several hotels which provide us with discounted rates as well as most of the major car rental companies in our area. Please contact us with your request so we can make arrangements for you. We will have your rental car waiting to take you to your hotel.
Do you have hangar storage?
We have hangar storage available first-come, first-served. We also have tie-down and ramp parking.