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Fixed-Wing & Helicopter Flight Training

Learn from the best to become your best.

Whether you're seeking training in single or multi-engine airplane, or in helicopters, Paris Air can help you obtain FAA Certification and make your goals take flight while maximizing your return on investment.

Our FAA-approved courses feature personalized, one-on-one training from highly qualified, experienced instructors. We can design a course for a student with no prior flight experience or for one holding a pilot license. Applicants who do have previous experience may be eligible for credit.

We welcome transfer students as well as international students seeking to meet the requirements of their respective licensing agency.

Our planes and helicopters are well equipped and maintained by our FAA Certified repair station.

Paris Air offers FAA-approved Part 141 and Part 61 flight training for airplanes and helicopters.

  • Ground school and flight training are combined based on a flight-training syllabus.
  • 100% graduation rate.
  • Fleet consists of several Piper and Cessna single-engine aircraft and Piper Senecas for multi-engine training, as well as several Piper Chieftains for high performance endorsement and a Schweizer 300CBi for helicopter training.
  • Our facilities offer comfort, practicality, and all the instructional material needed for a satisfying learning experience. Features include a pilot lounge, computers, Wi-Fi, satellite weather center, and designated briefing rooms.
  • For convenience, we offer students an optional service of transportation and housing.
  • We are centrally located in Vero Beach and close to shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, and affordable housing.

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Read what actual students and clients are saying about our Flight Training Services.

I would like to thank Paris and all of the staff there, Paris Air was one of the best moments I spent with them. It's not just a flight school but it's a big family as well. The owner and the staff are very friendly and they helped me a lot in my journey there until I graduated. THIS FLIGHT SCHOOL IS RECOMMENDED!


Flight Training Services

Paris Air gave me the experience, knowledge and the leadership skills to become a better pilot. From Paris’s family and all the staff at Paris air, I gathered only good memories. I was married by Paris himself, and some of the staff are still my friends.


Flight Training Services

This is a school where you are really taken care of like an extended family. Along with world class flight training the safety of each student is of the utmost importance at Paris Air.


Flight Training Services

I transferred to Paris Air from another school. I was a little cautious because of the bad experience in the previous school; however, I completed my training in no time and with no hassles. I am sorry I didn't enroll in Paris Air in the first place!


Flight Training Services

I was pleasantly surprised by Paris Air housing. It is so clean and spacious. Every student has his own room and the housing is five minutes away from the school.


Flight Training Services

I see that Paris Air takes pride in the school and in the training they provide.


Flight Training Services

It is easy to make friends at Paris Air. Everybody is so friendly.


Flight Training Services

I appreciate the fact that the instructors teach one student at a time.


Flight Training Services

The planes are always clean and in good condition.


Flight Training Services

The school has a warm, welcoming feeling.


Flight Training Services

I am currently in the Commercial Pilot Course at Paris Air. I completed my private and instrument ratings in four months. The ground school is taught one-on-one, which is unique from other flight schools. I have found that all of the instructors go out of their way to be helpful. If you want to choose a flight school, do not hesitate to join Paris Air.


Flight Training Services

I have been in several schools, but Paris Air is the first school where the students don't have any complaints. It feels like a family.


Flight Training Services

We are so thankful for the kindness shown to the students, especially to our son.

The Cavedo Family

Flight Training Services

Flight Training FAQ's

Q. Will I be scheduled daily?
A. You will be scheduled daily for flight training or ground school according to your stage of training.
Q. Could I fly more than once a day?
A. Yes. Make arrangements with your instructor and dispatcher for aircraft availability.
Q. If I have a problem during my training, could I talk to someone?
Paris Air has an open door policy. You are encouraged to talk to anyone related to your problem. The staff and instructors are there to help you. Let us know what your concern is and we will be glad to work with you.
Q. I don’t feel comfortable with my English. Is help available?
A. Paris Air has an affiliate partner for English school. They have several locations, you may contact them for help:
Q. Could I bring my own uniform?
A. White pilot shirt and navy pants can be purchased any place. Epaulettes and name tags are purchased at the school
Q. What should I do if I am on the schedule but don't feel well?
A. Call to cancel your lesson or you will be charged for "no show".
Q. What happens if I get sick?
A. Students can contact Paris Air and we will take the student to the medical facility needed. We advise the students to get a Student Health Insurance plan to cover the medical expenses.
Q. Do I have to sign a lease for the housing?
A. No lease is required. Students stay in the housing on an as-needed basis.
Q. Can I move out of the housing at anytime?
A. A courtesy notice is appreciated. Students can move at anytime. Monthly or daily rates may apply.
Q. Could I have my own room?
A. Paris Air’s students do not share rooms. Each student has his/her own room.
Q. Do I have to clean the house?
A. Students are required to clean up after using common areas. Housekeeping is scheduled once a week.
Q. Will the school pick me up at the airport?
A. Paris Air offers pick-up service at a charge. Make arrangements ahead of time.
Q. My flight arrives late at night. Will someone pick me up?
A. If you have made pick-up arrangements with Paris Air, we will pick you up and take you to your housing.
Q. To what airports could I fly for pick up?
A. The destinations are: Orlando International, Miami International, West Palm Beach International, and Melbourne International.
Q. What is covered by the transportation services?
A. Transportation is provided between the school and provided housing, and a weekly trip to a shopping center. We will take the student to get the fingerprints taken and to the doctor's office to obtain the FAA Medical.