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I looked into a lot of flight schools before I came across Paris air. Being from India regulated by DGCA, I had to look into a lot of aspects of the flight training due to the stringent requirements of the Indian DGCA. I would say Paris Air fulfilled all those requirements and plus a little extra. As a trainee, I was looking for a school which would give me quality training. Location should be also good where the weather is good all year round. Paris Air offers one on-one-training. All their courses are structured around the individual’s needs and requirements. I managed to finish my training from 0 hours to a commercial pilot license in a little over 4 months. In aviation timing is very important. Another point to note is Paris Air has theie own maintenance hangar. I have never had to worry about the condition of the aircraft I am flying because of the best maintenance practices of the school.


A lot of us also worry about pricing. Training is always a compromise between quality and cost. Cheap is not always better and expensive I not always the best for an individual. Paris Air will give a trainee the best in quality and reasonable prices.


Location wise, the school is located in Vero Beach which is a class D controlled aerodrome with Class B airports like Orlando and Miami which give you the experience and confidence to fly in a high density traffic environment, which I think personally was an added advantage. The weather is good all year round with at least 330 days of flying a year.


In the end, I would like to say Paris Air gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, and gave me the right tools for an airline job. Now I am working as a Senior First Officer for a well-established airline in India.


I would like to thank Mr. Paris and their quality instructors and maintenance engineers for giving me the best platform for my training.

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  • License Earned: Commercial pilot; CFI; CFII; MEI
    Current Status: Senior First Officer Airbus 320

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